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Kristen Brindza

Ecker Hill Middle School
Middle School Counselor
Wednesday, June 7









Thursday, June 8


“What do you want to do now that you’ve grown up? What does school counseling look like in adult education?” 609LIMITED Early Psychosis Among Young People: What it is and What to do about it 519FULL The Challenge to Recognize Suicide Risk Among Teenage Males 215FULL Barriers on the Road to Success: LGBT Youth and Their Families 517FILLING Empathy, Self-Control, Integrity, Embracing Diversity, Grit: The Formative Five 213FULL How childhood sexual trauma impacts the brain and body - 5 key strategies for healing 516FULL Reporting and Responding to a Title IX Complaint (One Time Only) 510LIMITED Restorative Dialogue Using Circles Process 518FULL Advocacy in Action for New Americans: Helping Youth From Refugee Backgrounds 508LIMITED Afterschool Programs: Giving Counselors a Lighter Workload 214LIMITED Becoming a Transformed School Counselor 216FULL Change The Brain, Free the Mind: A Pathway to Student Self-Regulation 211FULL Getting an Education: The American Indian Perspective (Item 1b in Level One of the Al/AN Training) 457LIMITED Resiliency Factors for Diverse Populations (Panel) 300FULL Understanding Gang Involved Youth 210FULL Understanding Mental Health and Behavior Issues Through a Glimpse into the Nervous System 515FULL Facilitating Student Access to Online Learning 209FILLING Implementing an Evidence-based Youth Suicide Prevention Program: The SOS Signs of Suicide® Prevention Program 520FILLING Maintaining Your Digital School Counseling Program Evidence Files & Creating Your PDF Portfolio for Your Program Review C30FULL




Finally! Financial Literacy Instruction for Low-Level English Language Learners 606FULL Trauma - Informed Care for Students Suffering from Addiction 518FULL Assisting Youth in Transitioning to Employment: Services offered by USOR and DWS 514FILLING Safe Zone Training to support LGBTQIA+ Students 517LIMITED Care for the Caregiver 215LIMITED Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Philosophy and Applications 211FULL Exploring Sexual and Gender Diversity 508FULL Undocumented Students and their Pursuit of Higher Education in Utah (One Time Only) 509FULL Impacts of Intergenerational Poverty on Student Achievement 520FULL Inclusion: A journey, or a destination? 512LIMITED Preventing Child Abuse: Educating School Personnel, Students, Parents and Community 219LIMITED Protective Factors Training (The Antidote to ACES) 208FULL Students involved with DCFS: What can you know and how to help 507FULL Providing Equitable Access and Accommodations in Competitive, Accelerated, and Extra-Curricular Programs for Students with Disabilities 519LIMITED Student Data Privacy, What you need to know. 206FILLING Unleashing the Power of Prevention to enhance the education environment 220FULL Using Disability Rights Laws to Keep Children in School and Out of Trouble 510LIMITED Play with a Purpose: Leveraging Recess to Maximize Academic and Social Emotional Learning 216LIMITED The Best Kind of Praise--Let's Get the Message Right! 210FULL What You Don’t Know May Hurt Your Students! How to Effectively Prevent Child Abuse, Bullying, Cyberbullying, and Digital Dangers 515FULL